Hi, I’m John Rush. 


I’m called the Human iPod because I play guitar and sing and I take requests from the audience the whole time.


I put out these 2 HUGE requests books during my shows.


People flip through the books, find songs they want to hear, and either text them in or write them down on little post-it notes.


The post-its are really fun because they wad them up and throw them all over the stage. 


In between each song I reach down and grab a hand full of post-its and read them off. 


Whichever song the audience picks is the next song I play.  It’s really fun and let’s the audience get involved in the show.


I have over 75 hours of music in my head.  That means you could see me play 37 / 2-hour shows and never hear the same song twice.


Anything from classic songs to all the current songs on the radio today.  If you have a song you think I should learn, email me.  I’m always learning new songs so my books are always getting bigger and my show is always current.


I’ve been Campus Entertainer of the Year, Campus Musician of the Year, and Coffeehouse Act of the Year!


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John Rush takes you on a musical journey like no other one-man show can. Singing and playing guitar  / bass / harmonica / piano / saxophone / banjo / keyboard and percussion John Rush plays his own original music and songs you know. If you think you've seen this before, you're wrong. John Rush is not just another singer/songwriter! Wowing audiences with his guitar work and capturing them with his voice and lyrics John Rush won Campus Entertainer of the Year and Campus Awards Musician of the Year!

John has opened for:  
Fuel, Eve 6, Edwin McCain, Matt Kearney, Keller Williams, and Howie Day.  
John has played on stage with:
 The Dixie Chicks, Rob Thomas (Matchbox 20), and Joe Pisapia (Guster).

John Rush has a much larger sound than most solo musicians.  Taking a unique approach, John performs with the help of a loop machine that allows him to record a guitar "loop" on the fly and then play lead, bass, harmonica, piano, and percussion over it.  John beats on his guitar, plays bass lines, and expressive guitar leads that impress the most critical listeners.  This allows him to sound like a whole band even though it's just John and a guitar.  "I do this all live," says John. "People always ask me if this is prerecorded music, but it's not.  I think if you go hear live music it should be live.  I rely on my own ability to perform; the technical effects are only there to enhance what I do."  

Originally from Huntsville, Alabama, John first learned to play guitar at the age of twelve. After playing in jazz and rock bands through high school John went to Athens, Georgia on a classical guitar scholarship to the University of Georgia. After leaving Georgia John moved to Nashville, TN where he quickly became a must-see show in the bar scene before taking his show on the road.

Averaging more than 200 dates a year, John Rush is making a name for himself in the college campus and club circuit. With a set list that covers over 200 different bands, John Rush plays originals and/or covers depending upon what the audience requests. 
John has been called a " Human iPod " because he can play  more than 73 hours of music upon request!  That means you could hear John play for 73 hours straight and never hear a song repeated, or you could see 36 different 2 hour shows and never hear the same song twice!

John's powerfully dynamic voice makes you feel he's lived every song he sings.  John's style is part Jack Johnson and part Jimi Hendrix.


John has released 3 CDs to date. His critically acclaimed debut CD, They Don't Know My Name, features two tracks from the soundtrack to the film Autumn and Everything After. John's second CD, Songs From The Road, is a compilation of live recordings. John's third and most recent CD, Always Touring, shows John's talents as a songwriter while highlighting his skills a guitarist and has been called "A Must Buy CD" and "A Great Find" by critics.


John says, "I wrirte some songs with some real depth to them, but my goal as a performer is to help people have a good time.  If I'm lucky maybe I can make them think a little during the process."